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Pakistani News

Pakistani Newspapers TV & Radio
Pakistani newspapers, TV and Radio are considered to be an open media and it is gaining popularity day by day. People have got an inspiration from newspapers, T.V channels and radio programs. Christine Fair of the Rand Corporation states that Pakistani sources of media are playing an exemplary role in spreading the awareness and information. more...


Dubai News

ArabicNewspapers TV & Radio

In the 19th and half the of 20th century, Arab media were not strong because of lack of literacy. In the period of 1839 to 1912, a Jewish person named Yaacov belonging to Egypt, first time, issued a newspaper with the objective to spread their cultural ethics. Likewise, Jamal-al-Din-al-Afghani and Muhammad Abduh printed a paper in Paris named Al-Uruwa Al-Wuthqa. It was the first step towards the liberal paper. The Arab intellects gathered in the American University Beirut and requested to establish the Islamic Political system. Later, other newspapers in Damascus, Haifa, Zionism, Jaffa, etc. also defended it. more....


Indian News

Indian Newspapers TV & Radio

India has the evolving media with the millions of newspapers and TV channels. Its newspaper market is the largest one round the whole world. It is considered the oldest media as well.
Print media in India began working in 1780. Nowadays, according to an estimate, above 70,000 newspapers are being sold. More than 700 satellite channels are there in India. The Bengal Gazette was the first main newspaper that James Augustus published in 1780. With the passage of time, other newspapers also appeared on the scene such as The India Gazette, The Madras Gazette, The Bombay Herald, etc. It is said that Bombay Samachar is still the oldest newspaper in all over Asia and it is printed in Gujarati. more...


Afghanistan News

Afghani Newspapers TV & Radio

Afghani newspapers, radio and television media are published basically in two languages, i.e. Pashto and Dari. During the period of 1996-2001, Afghani media was under the authority of the Taliban government. Presently, it is on the way of liberty and development.
The name of the first newspaper in Afghanistan is Siraj-ul-Akhbar. It was printed first time in 1906 and its editor was Abd-al-Rauf. But, it stopped publishing soon and restored its working again in 1911. It was published by Mahmud Tarzi who was the head of Afghani News Media. During the reign of Amanullah Khan, its name was changed to “Aman-i-Afghan” and it started working for the government. Meanwhile many other newspapers started working on a small level privately. more....


USA News

US Newspapers TV & Radio

American Newspapers, Radio and TV channels are serving on a large scale. Several companies own the copyrights of their published material. It is spreading and many companies have merged with each other, thus making multinational media. They are running as per rules devised by the American Federal Government. Some industries have also monopoly all over the media. According to an estimate made by the Reporters without Borders, in 2012, the US was at the 47th number among 179 nations slowing down the progress.
Many of the American Radio stations are private and commercial. The NPR (National Public Radio) is the public radio station. Radio broadcasting in the USA has been categorized into FM and AM. Satellite Radio is also getting a great favor day by day. Two largest Satellite Radio Stations are Sirius Satellite Radio & XM Satellite Radio. Presently, their merger has taken place into Sirius XM Radio. Earlier in 1970, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) was allowed to issue one license of FM and AM to one company on a local level while 7 AM and FM Radio Stations were allowed on a national level more...


UK News

UK Newspapers TV & Radio

The United Kingdom has a strong communication network with a large number of newspapers, radio stations and television channels. The largest and the most popular all over the world is BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Others include many regional as well as national sources of media. An estimate reveals that there are 240 local and territorial newspapers in the UK. Out of the national newspapers, the most sold ones are The Daily Mirror and The Sunday Mirror more...


French Newspapers TV & Radio

In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the French media were restricted by the government. However, it evolved rapidly and nowadays; the print media are publishing its material with the liberty under the rules of the French Constitution.
In France, currently, there is no trend of print media as much and people are rather interested in broadcasting and internet. The history shows that in the period of 1939-45, the newspapers were widely used, but when the 2nd World War came to an end, there was a sale of 6 million newspapers by 28 press companies collectively. Later in 1950s, the number of readers became half and its decline started more...


Singapore News

German Newspapers TV & Radio

If we go into the history of German media, we get to know that Germany was a dual lane till the period of 1990. First newspaper published in the 17th century. Now, there are 354 daily newspapers printed and sold out. All regional, local and national newspapers collectively comprise 1512 approximately. According to an estimate of 2008, the insight of daily publications has gone down from 79% to 72% in Germany.
The circulation of newspapers was recorded about 20.2 million in 2008. The names of famous newspapers are BILD, Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Tageszeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, etc. Some of these papers are liberal while others are traditional and restricted as well. more...

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